Valle del Perú Agriculture Enterprise first place in milk production of Mayabeque


The Agriculture Enterprise Valle del Perú of San José de las Lajas, was the unique of the Mayabeque province that fulfilled the plan of milk production during 2012 with 5 millions and 54 thousands liters.

The result was possible thanks the effort of more than 300 000 workers of the Enterprise, besides the analysis of the adverse conditions and real possibilities that required the establishment of a system of emulation different since very early.

With the help of the 76 administrators of diaries, best workers and collectives were stimulated with the necessary supply, food and products for personal use.


Another key factor was the implementation of scientific achievements as many areas are sown with CT-115, a type of kin grass created by the Institute of Animal Science, ICA. This achievement avoided to travel to other places looking for pasture.


Valle del Perú also uses the multi-nutritional blocks activator of ruminants that permits more efficient use of food digested, made in Manuel Fajardo sugar factory, in Quivicán.


The master in science Alina Torres Vilar, specialist in animal food, showed other important achievements as installation of new systems of irrigation in areas of pasture and the sewing of 90 hectares of moringa for forage.

They also introduced the program Procal of the National Center for Plant and Animal Health (CENSA) to prevent mastitis. This is a disease of mammary glands of the cow that affects the quality of milk. Binasa was also used as industrial residues. Although it does not mean a scientific result, it has good protein content.

The challenge represented by 2013 will not be less, as adverse factors will continue present. Directors, technicians and other workers know that, where initiatives and will do not have rest.