52 anniversaries of infantile circles



Infantile circles celebrate the 52 anniversary as they were founded in Cuba on April 10, 1961 to favor the full integration of women to the society and influence on children formation since early years.

Vilma Espin was the promoter of the idea, because she always considered emancipation of women and correct childhood formation. This way, started the history of these institutions created to stay.

After more than 5 decades they constitute the bastion of the Cuban educational system, guarantee for worker mothers and symbol of confidence and security for the family.

Love for babies is given daily during transmission of experience and elemental knowledge for children personality and essential for the continuity of primary education.

The circles welcome children since one to five years to give all necessary attentions.

Circles are distinguished because of their influence on the physical and mental development. These centers have the capacity of bringing good habits to help parents to know and give orientation to children.

Circles are sites where happiness inhabits because children are the hope of the world, as Martí said.

Admiration and respect toward those who knot knowledge with infinite sensibility to spread fondness and vivify dexterity in those special beings that inhabit infantile circles.