Music and dance will be present in the popular parties of San José de las Lajas


I couldn´t help getting closer  to the crowd in the Boulevard of the lajero native soil, where people enjoyed with enthusiasm the sounds of drums, attracting passers-by.

My curiosity helped me to see what happened there. I discovered and excellent mixture of dance. Folk was present, and no few were those who moved the body following the rhythm of the drums accompanying the members of the folk group Oricajinal, belonging to the House of Culture of the municipality Melena del Sur.

I had never listened to about this group. I knew about it speaking with the musicians. More than a decade has passed after the foundation. Oricajigal reappeared in 2012, after the break, in 1991.

The essence of Cuban African ancestors is noticeable, turned into music and dance.

Once again, the art came to the roots of people. San José de las Lajas citizens enjoyed the folk group that reappeared with the sincere offer, full of syncretism and opportunity to interact and enjoy with our culture.