Rice production rises in cooperative of San José de las Lajas



The plantation of rice constitutes a prioritized task in the Cooperative of Credit and Serrvice, CCS, Menelao Mora, of San José de las Lajas.

Productive results increased from 3200 to 6400 quintals of rice after changing diesel to electricity in the watering system.

 Santo González Bermúdez, president of the CCS, assured that the production goes directly to the consumers, who feel grateful because of the quality of the grain.

These results demonstrate the dedication and contribution given by farmers associated to the cooperative, as well as the improvement of the producers´qualification and work relations with research centers.

 The execution of the recommendations of the specialists, seed quality, soil preparation and the use of biological pest control, represent valuable elements in the production increase.

 To achieve the diversification of their crops is a premise to be fulfilled by officials of agriculture of this CCS of the capital of Mayabeque. The cultivation of bean and arum has been included in the production plan with the purpose to help the diet addressed to sick persons.