Meeting of the University of Elder Adults from Brasil in San José de las Lajas


A solidarity and friendship meeting between students and teachers of the Cathedra of the Elder Adult of Minas Yeray, Brasil and the University Unit of the Old Age of San José de las Lajas took place this Monday, in the house of the National Association of Economists and Accountants (ANEC) of the province Mayabeque. 

The Exchange was focused on the functioning of the educative programs and the subjects taught in order to

Raise the quality of life of old people. 

Elaine Ramos, Spanish Language teacher, translator and guide of the group of 16 students, assured that modules in her country focus the cultural development of the old age through lectures on music, theater, literature, dance and other art activity.

She qualified Cuban modules as instructive and she also recognized that they take into account the cultural development, including the preparation of people in essential thematic areas as psychology, health, community projects among others.

Reina Duran Duani, director of the University Unit of the Older Persons in San José de las Lajas, pointed out that they provide students’ joy every year and prepare then to participate in events as important as the Ibero – American Meeting of Old Age, celebrated in the Cuban capital from July 3 to 5.