XX Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation, not only another congress



The XX Congress of the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) is planned for the first semester of 2014. The meeting predicts the analysis of the vital themes for the workers movement, called to increase its performance in the representation and defense of the rights of workers, in the production, quality of services and everything related to the economical efficiency.   

To evaluate the results in the way since the precedent Summit and the present insufficiencies will fill the time of delegates of Cuban workers.

But, since my point of view, it does not mean another congress only, we are speaking about a meeting that, since the beginning enhances reflection, the glance from the inside, the constructive and real analysis, conscious of how much has not been done properly,  causes and consequences.    

The work movement is called to revitalize the commitment, to be the guide for workers, defend its rights and represent their interests, to be actives, and enthusiastic with the own voice in the place of actions.

It is necessary to feed present generations assuming the task, with the Lázaro Peña´s legacy that comes to our days with the example of the Captain of the working class.

The fact is not to implement orders, multiply callings for determined dates; the fact is not to pay the duty or to have a wall map. The fact is to give life to the organization, to increase actions to strength unit and conscience to enhance discipline, efficiency, saving and emulation.

The lack of dynamism is not a secret in the base of the structure of the union; that the congress will design rules for the adulthood in the work is a full reality. Then, it worth, since now, to unite wills, to arose initiatives; unite ideas that materialize the participation of workers in everyday actions to favor the progress in the defense of the homeland and people´s interests.


Lázaro Peña González – Cuban leader of the Trade Union, member of the communist Party of Cuba since 1929. He was in prison many times because of his struggle against Machado´s tyranny. In 1934 he was elected member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba, General Secretary of the of the Tobacco syndicate and member of the Executive Committee of the National Worker Confederation of Cuba (CNOC)   

Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) groups Cuban workers. The organization was founded in 1939, after the dissolution of the CNOC