Tapaste will celebrate a special party on July 6



Tapaste town, of the municipality San José de las Lajas, will wear the party dress next July 6, when the province Mayabeque will be represented there to open the program of activities Summer 2013.


This way will start the plan to guarantee the popular recreation during this season. The news was published this weekend during a meeting that happened in the Lajero Theater of San José de las Lajas with the participation of officials, enterprises, mass and political organizations, together with the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in the province Mayabeque, Juan Miguel García Diaz and other leaders of different levels.

The purpose is to guaranty varied activities, including offers to the whole population. For that reason the meeting emphasized the importance to generate the necessary initiatives to avoid the party to

turn into a formal one. Enterprises were called to give the necessary contribution to generate people´s satisfaction.  

The message was reiterated in the meeting because the purpose of Summer 2013 has to be a priority since the neighborhood to the highest level in the province Mayabeque.