The Young Column Sixty Anniversary develops activities in San José de las Lajas


The Young Column Sixty Anniversary will develop activities in San José de las Lajas to celebrate the Day of the National Revolt, next July 26.

A voluntary work in the monument of Moralitos will happen during the third week of July with the purpose of embellish and preserve this historical place of Mayabeque.

The Column of San José de las Lajas will be integrated by 60 young people from different sectors of the economy.

A recreation activity to greet the Children´s Day in the exhibition site is expected next July 21. A gala will happen in the Lajero Theater, on July 23, after 4:00 pm, to celebrate the Sixty Anniversary of the Assault to Moncada and Bayamo Garizons.


A shield to honorManuel and Virginio Gómez Reyes, in the Gómez Brothers Park, on July 26, at 9:00 am.

Yadira Anaya Hernández, political and ideological Secretary of the Young Communist League (UJC) affirmed that members have the purpose to create a column in every center to represent their entities.