Calixto Morales, combatant of the Rebel Army passed away


The combatant of the Rebel Army, the captain Calixto Morales Hernández passed away on Friday, August 2. He will be buried this Saturday, August 3, in San José de las Lajas.

He was member of the Movement 26 of July, member of the Expedition of the Yacht Granma. Calixto assumed his own history with simplicity and perennial compromise.

When the Revolution triumphed he took varied positions in the direction of the state. He was the ambassador of Cuba in the Seychelles Isle.

At the end of the decade of nineties he established a farm together with his family, in San José de las Lajas, capital of Mayabeque. Since then Calixto was present in activities that happened in Mayabeque territory.

He was honored with the distinction Coronel Mambí Juan Delgado, in 2009, during the celebrations because of the anniversary of the assault to the Moncada garrison.

Calixto Morales did not like interviews, but I had two important moments in which I could speak with him: one of them in the Lajero Theater during a panel where Calixto accepted to integrate. The second time was in Tele San José, before the beginning of a program, where he was invited. 

He didn´t like to speak about him because whatever he had done was not enough for him, he said. But everything was done with the conviction of serving the homeland.

When I knew about his death I remembered José Martí´s phrase: “Death is not true when the work of life has been well fulfilled”