Anniversary of the Popular Council of Cuba


Moments of great significance pass to the posterity. San José de las Lajas remembers today the creation of the first Popular Council of Cuba. San Antonio de las Vegas town, considered a zone of silence, according to the distance that separates it from the provincial head, dressed the formal dress that July 4, 1988, to turn into the performer of a transcendental happening. 

More than 400 persons met in the Social Circle of the town to participate in a fact without precedent in the history of Cuba that counted on the presence of the member of the Political Committee José Ramón Machaso Ventura.

Alicia Domínguez Estévez was selected as the president of the Popular Council. She was a worker of the repair shop and delegate with executive power before her designation.

Since that moment improvements in medical services and other proceedings as ID and housing were carried out with the help of the rest of the members of the council.

However, there are some historical problems of the population of San Antonio de las Vegas that are still without solution, water supply and streets repairing are among them.    

According to Tania Peña, journalist of that time, Machado Ventura referred to the advantages, principal duties and rights of the popular councils that constituted a decisive step of enormous transcendence in the improvement of the socialist democracy.

“Possibilities of control will increase. Resource won´t appear by magic, but they will be better used”, said Machado that day.