Varied options during the Internatinal Fair of Book in San José de las Lajas


Varied options will characterize the first day of the International Fair of Book in San José de las Lajas since February 27 to March 3.

The film El héroe, byZezé Gamboa and Angola en la memoria will be shown in the video room, on February 26. 

This is the first time Angola participates as invited country in the Fair.

The event is dedicated to the Cuban writers Pedro Pablo Rodríguez, Daniel Chavarría and the 160 anniversary of José Martí´s birthday.


After the opening at 9.30, this February 27, in San José de las Lajas Boulevard, activities will continue in different places of the city. 

The presentation hall Felix Pita Rodríguez will work in the Piano Bar, where the book Leyendas de Mayabeque, by Omar Felipe Maury, was shown. 


Vivienda esclava rural in Cuba, bohíos y barracones, by Lisett Roura and Silvia Teresita; La emigración cubana en Estados Unidos, by Joel Cordoví Núñez and Vengan a ver las palomas de Varsovia, by Ricardo Alberto Pérez,

Maldita física, by Carlos Frabetti will be shown in the Boulvard, jn the morning, together with the titles Qué sabemos de los perros, by Zoila Portuondo. The infantile show Las Olas will also be enjoyed.


El abecedario de la naturaleza, by Lázaro Estenoz Cosme, Derecho commercial, by Diego Fernández Cañizares and El dedo gordo, by Miguel Angel Trujillo, will be in the Agrarian University of Havana.


The Computation Palace will show digital libraries

and Cubaliteraria, in the navigation hall, located in the provincial headquarter of Hermanos Saiz Association.


The exposition Memorias de lo conceptual a lo pictórico will be inaugurated in the Lajero Theather at 3:30 pm. Poetical meeting, the play Evangelicas y divorciadas, of the theater group Las Olas can be enjoyed.

The video room of 48 Street will meet movie activities devoted to Angola through the film Cabinda, by Fernándo Pérez and Angola, Vitcoria de la esperanza, by José Massip.

The North American Group Los ciegos del barrio will offer a concert in the Boulvard of San José de las Lajas to close the first day of the literary meeting.