Party of Reading: gift to knowledge and recreation


The International Day of the Mother Tongue is celebrated every February, because reading is considered the fundamental instrument to strengthen language. 

The world dedicates this day to protect the modern tongue the same day Cuba celebrates the International Fair of Book with the purpose to promote reading habit and widen the cultural level of the population.

Book favors oral and written expression, strengthen orthography and knowledge that cultivate people to better understand and participate in transformations surrounding us.

Irina Bukoba, general secretary of UNESCO said that books continue being wonderful instruments, manageable, resistant, practical to interchange knowledge and for mutual comprehension with the world.  They are pillars of the societies of knowledge and they are at the vanguard of the promotion of liberty expression, and education for all.

It is a privileged for all Cubans to participate every year in a party becoming a gift for knowledge and recreation. It is a nice option many times performed without conciseness of its right value.

Languages are the most powerful instruments for the preservation and development of the tangible and cultural patrimony of a nation.

Any initiative to promote the discussion of the mother tongue will work not only to encourage linguistic diversity and multilingual education, but also to create more conscience about linguistic and cultural traditions around the world and inspired solidarity based on the understanding, tolerance and dialogue.