Breast feeding an action of love and strength


Breath feeding is the following action after a baby´s first cry and breathing.

There are a lot of wrong myths and ideas about that fact.

The mother is ready to feed punctually. It would be difficult to demonstrate that a baby cries exactly because he or she does not satisfy feeding needs so that the bottle becomes the alternative. Crying   is the only way to show any concern.

Many specialists consider baby´s bottle invasive because it damages baby´s natural reflex. It is said that man is the only animal that feeds with milk taken from other animal.

Breast feeding immunizes the body and maintains the natural sequence of the relation mother – baby since the beginning of the pregnancy.

Praxis confirms that breast feeding contributes to physical conditions, women´s health and beauty.

Breast feeding also has cultural importance because significant processes start at this stage: education, art sensibility and individual identity. During the breast feeding mother talks and sing, to the baby. This way the construction of the word starts.