Assistant Students Movement Frank País strengthens in Cuban universities


The movement of assistant students Frank País is developed in every Cuban university as the base for professional leaders capable of facing the increasing necessities of teaching in the country.

This movement has its precedent in the decade of the 60s, when Cuban universities took on the double mission of forming as professionals and taught their schoolmates.

Assistant students are selected by their high university results in central units according to their favorable attitudes for learning, as well as investigation and technical work.

Complementary tasks were developed between the teaching formation or future investigators, the satisfaction of university needs and research centers.

The movement was one of the principal transformations of the university education at the beginning of the Revolution. This movement has been reinforced by validity.

These students project new actions to strengthen their preparation half a century after the movement creation.

Camaguey and other provinces develop territorial events in higher education centers to better the work of the movement.

Qualification in the field of investigation is one of the main goals of the movement, because the country needs men of science as the ones that appear in the brigades of higher education.